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Azahar — the Colombian farmers’ term for

the coffee flower in bloom

Blooming coffees, Blooming Families

Azahar is the story of blooming coffees and families. It was born from a desire to enlighten your home with delicious coffee while supporting the hands that work hard every day that make each sip possible.

Azahar Roast House purchases Colombian coffee exclusively from small, regional conglomerates and fair-trade partners that allow workers to live healthy lifestyles. From the hands toiling at its source to the mouths taking those first, hot sips, Azahar knows coffee has blooming potential.

Jeep with coffee

A Story to tell

Owners, Iris and Conner, have a story to tell and so does every cup brewed from their roasted Colombian beans.

Spilling the beans

How Azahar beans are grown

Colombian coffee thrives in the high-altitude regions found at the northern extremes of the Andes Mountain range. The right mix of soil composition, elevation, sunlight, and rainfall allows Colombia to be one of the most prolific exporters of coffee in the world. Coffee plants produce fruit for a limited number of harvests so farmers are constantly cultivating future generations of coffee plants on their farms.

How Azahar beans are picked

Azahar beans are all picked by hand. This process is both healthier for the plants and environment and required for specialty coffee compared to machine picked (or “stripped”) coffee. 


How Azahar Beans are roasted

Azahar uses an induction roaster! A combination of modern instruments and old-fashion trial-and-error lay the foundation for our carefully crafted coffee experiences. It’s our job to expose the full potential that the farmers provide us in their specialty beans.

How Azahar beans are Consumed

Azahar beans can be used in a coffee pot, drip filter, chemex, espresso machines, and so much more. We are actively working on blog and video guides for brewing the optimal cup. Feel free to contact us to suggest guides and ideas. What would you like learn?

Your coffee, your life, & your story should bloom, too.

Azahar Values:

Passion for People

At the core of our existence is our need for relationship. We do our best to love those around us as we are loved by the Creator of all good things (including coffee).


Though coffee is a global commodity, we aim to make a positive impact in our immediate community in Northern New York… because we love it here.


From purchasing to selling, green beans to brown beans, it is our duty to be honest, fair, and respectful to everyone in the process, including you.

Quality above Quantity

Coffee is special and we give it the special treatment. Our 100% Colombian coffee is carefully selected to bring you an extraordinary experience.

What have you bean waiting for?