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How It Works

Subscribe to receive our delicious coffee to save you money and the hassle of coming back here to order all the time. Here’s how it works.

What are you waiting for?

  • $1 off per bag

  • Free shipping on 2+ bags

  • Automatic delivery – don’t think, just drink!

Great coffee is a few clicks away

The Details

The SIPS (selection, info, payment, smile)  4-step process is simple and we hope you’ll take advantage of the service and special pricing.


Choose which coffee you want (select at least 2 bags for free shipping).


Enter your info so we know where to ship and how to contact you.


Enter in your shipment frequency and pay!


Drink your well-deserved coffee after the soonest Subscription Ship Day.*

Subscriptions require a minimum of two shipments. If cancelled before the second shipment, a $5 order cancellation fee will be assessed. Subscriptions are perpetual unless cancelled. Every bag on the subscription is discounted! All subscriptions are shipped on the Subscription Ship Day.*

    • Discounted price on delicious coffee
    • Automatic shipments
    • Variety of customizable subscription plans
    • Azahar’s Quality Guarantee

Subscription Ship Day

* Day is subject to change at our discretion, though the goal is to be consistent with minimal changes. Orders should be made by 12:00pm on Monday to be shipped on Tuesday.